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Fret board relationship between major and minor keys



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The answer to the first part of your question is YES it works for all scales.

A relative minor scale ( relative to its major scale ) is always the 6th note of its major scale. For example, in the C major scale, the 6th note is A so the relative minor scale of C is Aminor. Those 2 scales share the exact same notes. The 6th note of any major scale is always 1 1/2 step from the next note 1 of the scale and on a guitar fretboard 1 1/2 step corresponds to 3 frets.

In other words, to play in A minor, you start pattern 6 on the A note because it is the 6th note of its related major scale. To stay in key, you would then play Pattern 7 starting on the B note ( one step away from A ) and then back to pattern 1 starting on the C note ( 1/2 step away from B ).

It works for all keys!

Hope it helped you!


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