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Acoustic Guitar Purchase


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Hi Marty. I know you posted your question about which guitar to purchase in January, but I am new here and just read your question.  As a luthier I always tell people when they ask questions like these.  Purchase the one guitar between the two guitars that speaks to you the most.  The instrument does not play the music you do which instruments let you feel the flow or let you find the channel for the music to flow through you. I personally have a GS mini as my travel guitar. It's the KOA version. I have taken it camping, out on my boat, to the beach, and have flown with it in the overhead compartment as a carry on.  It is almost impervious the weather changes.  Any guitar you buy needs to not hold you back in any way from your musical mission no matter what that mission is. There is another smaller travel guitar I believe it is manufactured by Moon Song, but I not completely sure. It truly is the closest you can get to a guitar that is not affected by any climate change because it is a carbon fiber body and neck; and being made of carbon fiber I was extremely surprised as to how good the sound was. It is defiantly a contender. 

Kim Jon

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