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Duane Pecci

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I'm Duane and I began playing guitar in the Sixties alone with my garage band. My Mom bought me a Gibson ES335 Cherry red but a got married in a couple of years and stopped playing. I no longer have the Gibson. Just before I retired I bought a Fender Squire and signed up for lessons on Breakthrough Guitar where I learned so much more than I did fooling around many years ago on my Gibson. I always knew my cowboy chords and a few bar chords but was stuck trying to learn lead guitar. So here I an 60 years later playing and learning more every time I pick up my Guitar. I just bought an Epiphone ES339 same color as my Gibson.  My dream is to be able to #1 play blues fluently up and down the neck and #2 be able to blend chords and riffs seemlesslingly.

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