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Hello from London, Ontario. I have been "playing" since I was a teen-ager, and can crank out a few licks and parts of songs I know well, or can barre chord my way through, but have never really got the groove going. It is only recently that I've picked my instrument back up and am now really working on LEARNING to play it PROPERLY.  I struggle with string muting (and the resulting string/fret buzz) that makes my playing anything but "clean" at this point. With the help of Breakthrough Guitar, I hope to be able to clean up my playing, learn the fretboard inside and out, and use both that knowledge and improved skills to make music of my own, as well as to be able to play for friends, sit in on Open Mic nights and jam with other players and just have fun with my guitar.

I hope to meet you here in the Forum and get some valuable insights and help in becoming a better guitarist.

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Go step by step with the lessons and you will make it! It worked for me in less than a year.

For your strings buzz let me suggest not to neglect the simple 11 finger exercises ( bonus in guitar grid 101 or found in the dexterity course ). Doing them or some of them daily ( 20 to 30 minutes investment) will improve that for you very rapidly. Within a few weeks you will feel the difference!

Enjoy playing, Enjoy the journey,


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Hi Bainlessly. Just saying hi from the USA. I also just joined the forum. I'm 69. Played guitar for over 40 years (mainly rhythm) and am looking to up my lead guitar skills. I'm loving the program and am excited to be a part of the forum.

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