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Hello guitarists.

I live in New York and since March of 2020, I have been working from home.  A couple of months later, I realized that since I am home all the time, it would be an ideal time to learn to play the guitar.  I can play some basic songs, licks and very easy solos.  I often describe where I am at with my guitar playing as frustrating, but fun.  I am a fan of blues (SRV, BB King, Albert King..), classic rock (Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top..), and jam bands (Grateful Dead, Phish..).  

My goal is to be able to pick up the guitar and just play it.  Create my own songs and solos/licks.  I know my 5 pentatonic boxes, but I really cannot use them to create music, yet.  I have tried a few different sites, books, youtube videos, various online instruction, and am now here.  Hoping that this place gets me further along on my guitar journey.

Best of luck to all of you.

- Dave  

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