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Hello from Ohio

Guitar Moose

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Hi from Ohio, I started playing bass guitar as a teenager. My friend in high school said he needed a bass player and Dias it was easy to play. I bought a very beat up steinberger and we tried setting it up but that was futile!! I tried playing on it… hey it made my pim…er I mean my fretting hand strong really quickly. It wasn’t long until I had a fender jazz bass I bought for a song and $100 lol. I taught myself to play that and my friend helped me learn some playing by ear and how to read tabs. I played bass into my  late 20’s in our band then life caught up snd so did that adulting thing!! *Shudders @ the thought

Twenty years go by and i’m married w/No friends they all scattered to the four winds when I said yuppers!! Well at 49 after 15 years of my cheap acoustic guitar sitting in the closet and me tired of hearing my doctor yell at me to do something about my stress levels before I have a heart attack and die, I grabbed it and started banging out some open chords. Once I learned a couple on my own and got really excited I fixed the guitar that wouldn’t stay in tune and bought an amp and an electric guitar. I have about 20 books on different topics I use, YouTube and i’m on a couple of other guitar sites.

I’d love to be able to pick up my guitar and just play my favorite songs of my favorite bands. I would also love to be able to learn any song by ear better than I’m able to pick it up now.

My ultimate dream looks a little like this, I have another bass amp and two basses, I keep learning my art and writing my own music. Possibly have a drum set, learn to play it so I can track my own drums in my music. Im recording it, selling it and maybe doing a small venue tour around my local area with my band that includes my wife playing guitar.

That’s a great ultimate dream problem for me is, we are both disabled and living on a very low income. So I have to pick and choose what I can do with what little money I can manage to save. 😀

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Hi Guitar Moose! 

I'm glad that after all your years of playing you haven't given up on learning new things. 

Your ultimate dream sounds like a dream, we would love to hear your music sometime. 

Anyways, have a great Moose, we're happy to have you here!


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