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I took up guitar while studying at university. I mainly played finger style. After university, life caught up with me and I put my guitar away, hoping to take playing it up again when I had more time on hand as I found playing very enjoyable and relaxing.

When I turned 64 a year ago, I realised that if I do not restart playing the guitar now, it is never going to happen. So I retrieved my guitar from where it was gathering dust, knowing full well that I shall have to start learning how to play from scratch. I have also decided that this time round I want to learn the guitar properly in the sense that I want to know why things are done musically in a certain in order to fit together and sound good. So far the learning curve has been slow and patchy as time available to practise remains an issue and a proper sequence for learning things so that each thing learned constitutes a building block for the next, remains elusive.

My goal is to be able to play some folk, country, blues and rock and to sound reasonable while doing so. A future long and illustrious music career is definitely not something that I contemplate. I play music for my own personal enjoyment and relaxation.     

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