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Michel Tasse

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Hi everyone,

I'm new in this forum. Forget the way I write in english, I'm a french Canadian from Montreal. I started playing in the 70' (Cat Stevens.....) but stoped after a few years and came back in 2000. I have been taking classes since 2003 but never really understand my instrument ( the guitar) until a year ago when i subscribed to Guitar Freedom Formula with Breakthrough Guitar. My dream is to be able to play music (  flamenco is my favorite )with anyone and improvise. Let me tel you that I have improved a lot in the last year! I play with my teacher but would like to find someone to play with more often.

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Salut Michel!

Bienvenue au Forum! Je suis aussi du Québec ( Ste-Adèle ). Je suis membre de BTG depuis mai 2021 et me suis beaucoup amélioré. J'espère que l'expérience sera positive pour toi aussi.

J'écris en anglais sur le Forum, mais je me suis permis de te répondre en français. Ça fait du bien une fois de temps en temps!


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