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5 Hand Positions




In a guitar book I came across a page showing the 5 different hand positions along the fretboard. 

I dont remember if it was fir playing the notes on each string up/down the fretboard or part of a scales (pentatonic?) Playing along the fretboard.  It was like 1st position covered the first 3 frets from the nut. Position # 2 was around frets 4 to 10, Position 3 was Frey's 11 to 16 ...

Each playing the main notes on each string. 

Does this sound familiar and how is it used in learning ? Am still a beginner so might have to keep it in simple words .

Thanks for any direction !


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Don't know anything about that.  But I would say just follow the BTG videos and follow what Jonathan is teaching.  You'll find most everyone on the site has tried and failed at guitar, but everyone has made great improvement by following what he teaches including myself.  Pay much more attention to his direction and try to ignore the tips and tricks that others offer on YouTube, etc.  Follow his path and plan and you will get better and quickly

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