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What type of chords do you use?


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On 12/11/2021 at 12:37 PM, Mysterious One. said:

Barre chords are a great big sound, they have their place.

But if I'm playing rhythym while someone else is singing or soloing, I prefer to play smaller chords to leave them some space to work in.

Very good response MO.  Big chords work well if you are playing solo but in a group I use what I call little chords and try to stay on the middle strings so as not to compete with the soloist on the top strings or the bass on the low strings.

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See general in general conversation. I posted response to fellow member 9th September. There are charts to show what makes various chords. Remember too if you play D chord shape 2 frets away you've got E. Then it follows 3 frets F and 5 frets G. Then you should know from Octaves 10thfret your back to A.

Try it: Also GBE open is naturally Em, if you want Am, it's a bar gbe strings 5th and Dm is bar on gbe 10th. Learn to mix and play open strings too.

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