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@Taxi806if you try the dexterity course that should help. If you are having problems doing the stretches, it is ok to slide your hand to reach the fret. In the meantime, you can move your thumb more to the center of the neck and see if that helps, or try some stretching exercises to get your fingers limber enough to make the stretch. Take it easy though and do not hurt yourself.

Fred 🎸

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I find it easier if I really lower my wrist down toward the floor. It also makes it easier the fret the low E and A strings.  And i have to move my hand a little down the fret board as my fingers reach that 5th note, especially if doing the big stretch on the first 5 frets.  For the smaller stretches, I can leave my hand in place and fret the notes over the 4 fret range.  Hope this helps.

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