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Some Things I've Learned in Breakthrough Guitar

Fred Soukup

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Mind you these are things that I have found in my own progress. They may or may not apply to you.

1. Do not try to force your way through a module. Take the time to learn what is being taught and get it down "reasonably well" before moving on to the next step. You will eliminate a lot of frustration by taking it slow and speeding up as you learn it.

2. Practice every day for a minimum of 5 minutes. This can be warm up exercises or dexterity work or scales or whatever you want. 

3. Have fun!! If you start to get frustrated put down your guitar and stop. Do something else for a bit until you relax then try again. You will get it eventually.

By doing these 3 things I have found that my progress has increased every day. It really is as simple as following the instructions step by step. I am playing better now than I was 44 + years ago when I was in a band. Even though I hadn't really touched a guitar in about 40 years since. It was like starting over, actually, I was starting over because I had to retrain my fretting hand after a stroke. The point is The Breakthrough Guitar courses can teach you to play guitar and, in my opinion, Jonathan and his staff deliver above and beyond what they claim. So, keep at it!!!

Fred Soukup


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