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Missing B note from Pentatonic Box 5 with added Major scale notes?


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Enjoying the awesome course material
Is there a missing B note (on the D or G strings) from the scale in Am/C Pentatonic Box 5
where major scale notes are added to the pentatonic box
it looks like the B on the top e string is in there but missing the lower B from the D or G string?
maybe its deliberate? I could be wrong 🙂

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It is certainly deliberate. I think Jonathan gives in this lesson a simple way to add the 2 missing notes of the scale, in this case the B and the F notes, without modifying pattern 5 too much. Doing so, he skips the F note on 5th string 8th fret an The B note on 3rd string 4 th fret.

Once very familiar with patterns, we can add them as we wish I think.

Hope it helps,


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