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Waiting for the Jason Richardson!

Ryan Withrow

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So close, but so far away.

I've been waiting on a Jason Richardson EBMM 7-String to come in from my go-to rep. Last night, he let me know one was in! Unfortunately, I turned it down. Here's what the the color and cut of wood should look like:


Super flashy and GORGEOUS! However, the one they got in was far more dull in comparison:


Am I the only one that LOVES flashy guitars? Go big or go home, I say! We'll see how long it takes to get another in!

Have a great day and week, everyone!

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2 hours ago, Yves Cadieux said:

You are right!

Never settle for second best! Be patient you will get what you want!

By the way, I never touched a 7-strings guitar....what is the standard tuning on those?

Is the seventh string a higher pitch one or a lower pitch?

If I may ask...



I own 6, 7, and 8-string guitars.
The 7-string always seems to feel like "home" for me.
Standard tuning is one string lower (BEADGBE).
One of my 7-strings is tuned standard, but a 1/2 step down across the board.
I also have a PRS Mark Holcomb 7-string that I tune to drop A on that 7th string as well!

Lots of fun and you should go to a shop and play around!


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