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I began learning acoustic guitar in high school in music class. I had a few lessons, got an electric guitar had my first pathetic band at 17 with my brother on drums in my parents garage.  Over the decades I have played learning a little bit here and there and was in few original bands, learned to sing, wrote some songs, put out my own CD and now in a somewhat niche cover band with my husband.  I am a mediocre guitarist in my opinion, but even with my limitations I have played clubs on Sunset Blvd and spent hours in the studio recording. I have never been able to improvise and always composed my leads, note for note.  I had learned slides, bends, pull offs, hammer ons, double stops and vibrato and just applied those techniques to the notes to give them expression.  I was actually the lead guitarist in an all-girl band at one point, but I never played anything too challenging.  To me being catchy was more important than being flashy.   I am up to module 6 now and at least I can pick notes that are in key, but still need to figure out how to easily figure out the key in a song - or when a song changes keys and where to go when that happens.  I am hoping that the magic of knowing where and what to play will happen with this course.  I'm taking it slow.

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