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Out Of The Loop!!

Glenn Gay

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to give everyone here a shout out. I have seen, heard, and read some incredible content. It is without a doubt that this forum was a GREAT idea. I do not think there is one thing I can say about Breakthrough Guitar that I do not like. Jonathan is ALWAYS looking for ideas and ways to make this experience a better one for every one of us. YES - I am a Student Engineer and a member of the Support Team to some capacity. BUT, I do not say this because I work with them, I say this because it is the pure TRUTH! I get to see and hear first hand what Jonathan's plans are even before he launches them. And he never does anything without the consensus of the MEMBERS!! Everything he does is for us, and I am so glad to be a part of it. 

I have been under some rather complicated situations these past couple of months, and I have been somewhat out of the picture, BUT, I do my best to at least browse through your comments, videos, pictures etc. There is so much interaction in this community.....where could you possibly find better, and no matter how good some of Jonathan's teachings are, there is always insight and feedback from fellow members in this Forum.

This is what it is all about. Help, Support, and Comradery.  Everybody, or at least MOST folks, enjoy Support and constructive feedback to help them along. I for one am one of them, and I get a lot out of the posts here in the Forum.

SO, keep up the interaction and watch your progress soar. It is so much help to me, and your progression is inevitable!!

GOD bless every one of you, and hopefully I will be back to this amazing journey in the very near future


Rock On - And stay safe 🤘🤘




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@Glenn GayYou have always been a great help to me as well as the rest of the staff. I think I have had more contact with you than with any other staff member with the exception of one other. You are right you can learn a lot from the posts of the members on here. Especially when they add charts of the 7 different patterns. Or other things that help us all grow and develop. 

Fred 🎸

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Hi Glen. A student engineer, you got the whole spectrum in our group, example of me a retired engineer in my 70's, career with oil companies in oil & gas. But just like so many of us all students with BGT.

Ive been a member over a year now, so much in the course. Many of us sign up as life members as access to the material as a referance library most consider well worth it. Also with guitar you never stop learning new techniques tricks and ideas.

Enjoy your learning experience

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