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So to all the Vets out there, looking back from when you stared here, what would you have done differently to start achieving the results this program states it can do for anyone.


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@WontonjI am a 100% disabled veteran with PTSD, TBI and I also suffered from a stroke that damaged the right side of my brain. I used to be able to play guitar electric and acoustic. After much PT I regained the use of my left arm and leg. Then I had to get my fingers to cooperate with my brain to hold down the guitar strings. That is a little of my background. The biggest thing I would have done differently, would have been to not be too hard on myself. I also would have done unlimited dexterity at the same time as ultimate guitar grid mastery. That is because of my circumstances. The biggest thing as a veteran I saw was how this program helps the veteran with PTSD because as you learn to make music with the guitar it helps you concentrate by following the instructions exactly as given. You start making music as early as module 1 when you start learning picking. Each step is important DO NOT skip any of them. At any rate I have successfully finished a lot of the courses and have even started going back through the first one just to hone what I've learned. Now if I realize I am being triggered I pick up my guitar and play scales or a song and I avert a flashback. Plus following the course instructions will give everyone the results this program states. Just don't be like me and say I don't really need this part and move on because it will bite you in the behind later. Best to do it during the section and then move on.


US Army

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