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Re-learning all over again.


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I initially learned to play classical style in high school and afterwards got into playing some Country music. Then, I got hurt and spent a long time trying to get life together after a line-of-duty injury that came with a TBI (traumatic brain injury). I'm just wanting to learn to play some Country music again and enjoy it. I guess if I could wave that "magic wand" it would be to remember all of the chords since I struggle now with learning new things. My ultimate dream would be able to just pick up and play, having the "talent" to be able to listen to music and then play it. All in all, I'm just a new guy starting all over again.



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@charlesogreen I was in your shoes. I played in high school, had a few head injuries (TBI from a couple of hard landings as I was a Paratrooper) in the military, then a stroke. After getting everything functioning again, I tried to play guitar again and couldn't remember most beyond a D chord an A chord and a C or F. If you follow the modules and the instructions, from the Ultimate Guitar Grid Mastery course you will progress just fine. I would also suggest the Unlimited Dexterity course as well as Perfect Practice Principles. Those courses have helped me immensely. Also pick up the guitar and play daily.

Fred 🎸

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