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Coolhandred here trying to improve


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Hi, my name is Noel, but everyone calls me "Coolhandred."   If you have seen the movie, "Cool Hand Luke" you will remember Paul Newman's character, "Luke Jackson", was a very independent sort who flouted the rules and was told by the Warden:  "Luke, What we've got here is failure to communicate"  Needless to say my High School Administrators did not appreciate my questioning of their authority and thus my friends nicknamed me:  "Coolhandred" (since my beard was red).   The moniker has stuck over the years and I am still the guy who asks one more question and looks for different ways of solving problems.  That inquisitiveness has led me to this program.

I have played guitar on and off for over 25 years and took lessons from a guy for a number of years.  But it seemed to me he was always interested in demonstrating what he could play rather than actually teaching me.  He often confused me with his delving into Mixilodian, Dorian, and other music theories.  Really? And why?  I just wanted to play the Blues, Rock N Roll, and play like Angus Young of AC/DC.   One week we would work on vibrato, the next Jingle Bell Rock, and then double stops.   He never took the time to allow me to improve in one aspect of playing before he was off into something else.

The first lessons in Ultimate Guitar are providing me with a review of the basics, and I appreciate that.  Plus being able to go back and repeat the lessons as often as I want helps me focus on improving and moving along at my own pace.   Hopefully, this program will allow me to "round out" my playing and increase my skills.    Glad to read the other posts and see I am a member of a like minded group.  


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