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Re Learning to Play the Guitar

Dale Knickle

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I 1st learned to play a bit when I was 10. I broke my guitar & I became teenage & sports & then life. I had a brain bleed 15 yrs ago & was lucky to be alive today.  A light bulb moment for sure. I was off work for 4 mths & no hobbies, so I decided to take the guitar back up. Bought a guitar, signed up for some lessons. Got myself back into the groove a bit. All the chords I learned as a 10 yrs old kid came back to me, even some bar chords. 
Went back to work & fell off practicing regularly.  

Retired last year & with COVID I again had a lot of spare time, so I dedicated a lot more time to practicing & going on YouTube. I’ve been studying the fretboard & all the notes on each fret & strings. I understand the Pentatonic scales a bit but I don't know how to integrate into a song.  I was getting frustrated practicing & feeling I wasn’t progressing.  That’s when I decided to buy myself a 65th birthday present & invest in this Breakthrough Guitar Program. 

I want to learn how to strum & pick better as well as understand the fretboard & how to use Pentatonic scales & jam with my guitar to have fun.  I love the Blues (Stevie Ray is my hero) & Classic Rock (grew up in the 60’s,70’s).  
                                              I’m RETIRED it’s time for some Fun!!!

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