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Al Mageddon

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Hi Al!

Welcome to the Forum!

I have been with BTG for 10 months now and have improved quite a lot! I expect the same will happen to you.

De-mystifying the fretboard is what I liked the most among the results I got from the program. Playing in any key, anywhere on the fretboard is a well delivered promise! Mastering it to become a better player is then up to us!

Hope you enjoy the experience!


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Been here 2 years. Know know my major and pentatonic scales and can solo to a backing tracking pretty well. I finally feel that I can call myself a guitarist. More important since I can actually see my progress, it makes me hungry for more. Now I play some most days a week. Before I started, I might pick it up a few days a month, felt I was going nowhere and put it back down again. You'll get there too. Just follow the plan and take lessons one at a time.

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