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Hi all from down under in New Zealand

Cadillac George

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Gidday all, I think I jumped the gun and went straight to asking questions on the forum before making my introduction, so here goes.  I am 58, picked up the guitar in my late 40s but had wanted to play since a teenager.  It didn't go so well at first so I started a regular jam night in my house bar where I could host around 80 people. we had a dance floor and full band set up in place so musicians could either bring their own gear or just join in the fun with what was there.  It started slow at first with 1 friend that was once an accomplished guitarist (Gigging regular and being paid!) but had let it slide for family and career etc. He was returning to playing so he was helping me along with the basics.  This grew until we filled the bar 1 night a week for nearly 7 years.  Most of the people that joined in the jam were competent musicians, Guitar, Bass, Drums or keys and we had plenty that could sing it was very entertaining.

My guitar playing progressed nicely, I dont have a "Gift for music"  I could play plenty of songs and sing a little but only playing chords and strumming along.  I could only nail the song if I memorized the entire chord progression.  I had no understanding of music and improv, lead or just jamming to a 12 bar was out of my reach. I simply couldn't get it no matter how much the others tried to show me.

Skip forward several years, my family has moved cities, I no longer have the house with the bar,  the band gear and guitars got packed away for a while.  A few months ago I joined the Breakthrough guitar course after seeing it advertised on the net, and it has completely blown me away.  I wished I had seen it 10 years ago!  I have progressed in 3 months more than I had ever hoped for.  My understanding of the guitar has gone through the roof, but the more I learn the more I realise how much I dont know!  This is the most fun and satisfaction I have ever had with the guitar, for the first time I think I might just be able to do this.  

Well there it is, hopefully you can all help me learn a little more and have fun in doing it.  Cheers



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