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Greetings from Sweden


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Hi guys!

Played guitar for some 20 years but until recently spent too little time on it to really make REAL progress. To be honest also approached it the wrong way. The past one and a half years I have made more progress than the previous 18 in total. Really cool. Thanks Jonathan and team. 



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That is great to hear J. Welcome to the forum. So awesome to hear how well you are progressing with the program. I feel the same way. My Big brother showed me 3 chords on a 12 string Dana Hummingbird back in 1970 when I was 8 years old. I am now 58. In the first 48 years of playing, it was 99.9% by ear, and 1% tips and support from friends that play and the odd video. Everything was by ear. I couldn't read music, couldn't read tabs, never played any kind of lead or guitar solo's......other than a little flat picking.

I found BTG about 2 years ago now, and I have to say....improvising with you tube backing tracks is now a big part of my practice routine. I end every practice session with some fairly smooth improvising.

I've learned more from Jonathan in the past 2 years than I learned in my first 48 years playing. 

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