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Welcome to Breakthrough Guitar's Official Community Forum!

The Breakthrough Guitar Supergroup is a growing community of like-minded Guitarists and Musicians where:

  • You can get your guitar playing questions answered by professionals and fellow guitar players who are positive, encouraging, and eager to help you. That way, you can much make faster progress, without trying to "go it alone" or figure it out yourself.
  • You can chat with other players about gear, your favorite artists, guitars concerts, albums, your own playing, their playing, and just about anything "guitar."
  • And you can relax, have fun, and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded players who share your passion for the best instrument in the world.

In short, it's a place where guitar players like us belong.

Community Forum Rules

#1 - We Introduce Ourselves!
We are all real people on this Guitar Journey together. We want to get to know you! As members, the very first thing we do is introduce ourselves with these three questions.

  • How did you start playing, and what has your journey looked like so far?
  • If we could wave a magic wand, what would you LOVE to be able to do on guitar?
  • What does your ultimate dream look like?

You can introduce yourself HERE!

#2  - We Share Our Insights, Wins & Achievements!
We celebrate each others' accomplishments and insights. When you learn something, post it! When you can play something new, post it! You will be HELPING your fellow members to grow along with you.

You can share your Breakthroughs HERE!

#3 - We Contribute And Add Value To Others!
The Secret To Living Is Giving. We help others by answering their questions and giving guidance. And as a result, we get all our own questions answered, and receive even more help than expected.

#4 - No Distasteful Posts, Promotion or Spam
Our group is a positive, encouraging environment. Anyone spreading negativity, hurting others, promoting products, or posting spam messages will be immediately and permanently removed. No exceptions.

#5 - No Links to Outside Groups, Pages, etc
Posting links to other groups, pages, websites, etc will be removed.

#6 - No Hate Speech or Bullying
Degrading comments about ability, race, religions, culture, sexual orientation, gender, identity, guitar playing or any other comments that could be classified as bullying or hatred are not tolerated. Violation results in immediate and permanent removal.

#7 - No Account, Technical or Billing Questions
This group is NOT for account-related, technical, or billing questions. Do NOT post them. If you do have those questions, we want to help you. We have a place for that. For support, your Rockstar Support team is happy to assist you. Go here: help.breakthroughguitar.com/contact

#8 - Content Promotional Agreement
Videos, posts, testimonials, and posted images, may be used in promotional materials (advertisements, emails, etc) to promote Breakthroughguitar.com

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