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Chords, Chord Shapes, and That Acronym I don't Like

DeafBlind Renee

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LOL I had a breakthrough over the last few days. I have long been having trouble with easily locating chords across the fretboard without having to think so hard about finding the 1, 3, 5 wherever I was on the fretboard and string set shapes. I have done Jonathon's course on chords, minor, major, and inversions which helped despite not having closed captions. However, I have trouble making some of those shapes and certainly have to think really hard about where things are. Slowly getting better on knowing every single note on the fretboard, but some are still fuzzy in places. Moveable chord shapes mentioned from time to time was starting to tickle in my brain, but it hadn't fully popped into form, yet. Until I had a class with Danny. We talked about it, and he showed me things. I had looked at CAGED elsewhere, but that was not jelling for me, so I was just taking it slow. Then Danny said something about how he was doing CAGED before he even knew what it was or had ever heard of it. He said that he just started thinking about where the open chord was for the strings he was on and used those shapes to move up and down the fretboard. He showed me some examples. I saw it again in another of his Masterclasses just today on a replay (Clapton Secrets). That's when it popped into form completely! 

I have been playing chords randomly, making progressions using the various shapes all over the fretboard, since seeing and putting it all together this morning. I could change chords quickly, in rhythm pretty well, without much thought. I did check with chord apps to make sure I was doing things right wherever I was on the fretboard, but I wasn't having to think about it seemingly. It just flowed. Bam! Nailed it! I get the CAGED thing now, but seriously figuring out this way was way easier for me than trying to follow that method. Just me, I'm sure, but it makes way more sense now.

Anyway, I wanted to mention it. The teachers at BTG are great. Ask questions if you don't understand something. They listen to you and know how to help you. 

Thanks, Danny, BTG Teacher!

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