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Paul E

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Hi I'm Paul 54 from the UK, I have been trying to learn the guitar for years but I hit that brick wall and lost interest put the guitar down and forget what I have learnt. I like bands such as Guns 'n' Rose, Pink Floyd, Metallica, and Lynyrd Skynyrd and have leant some of the lead riffs in the songs but they are all forgotten, I have tried lots of courses, YouTube, lessons and tablatures I would like to get my enthusiasm back and start learning again. I need motivation hopefully I'm in the right place!!!!

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Hi Paul!

Welcome to the forum! BTG courses worked for me, I improved a lot in a few months and it brought my motivation for playing guitar way up! Hope it does the same for you.

Don't hesitate to use the Forum for any questions that might come to you along the way. We all try to help each other out when needed in that beautiful guitar journey!

Have fun!


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