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Intro from the UK


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Hi, I'm Ian from the UK. Started playing guitar properly around 1983. Learned a bunch of chords and then learned some songs and went out busking and did a few small gigs in café's and pubs. Then in 1990 I damaged my left hand (I'm right handed) by accidentally severing the median nerve in my left wrist. This made my thumb and two and a half fingers completely numb and for some weird reason caused the finger pads to shrink on the first two fingers. As you can maybe imagine I was very disheartened and gave up playing completely. I'm 67 now and in the last few years I decided even though I can't play the chords well like I used to and have to watch my hand now while I play that I'd like to get into blues lead guitar playing mostly single notes. I love blues and blues based rock so I'm getting on with doing what I can and trying to build up some new neural paths (what they used to call muscle memory) My aim is to play fluidly and jam along with anyone as well as write my own tunes. Unfortunately I'm retired on a miniscule pension and currently cannot afford the online courses so watch free lessons on YouTube and just thought it would be great to talk to other musicians. Sorry if this is a rambling and long-winded intro.

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Hey Lan! ( @Bluesymood

I commend you for getting back to guitar, especially after injury that sounds quite painful too. 

It's great to have you here, I'm sure with your drive you'll be able to achieve all your goals within no time. 

If you ever need anything let us know, happy to have you here Lan. ✌️

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Hi Daisy,

Thanks for the reply and your kind, welcoming and encouraging words. Very much appreciated! Btw it's Ian and not Lan! Lol. Strangely that misunderstanding has cropped up online several times just recently though never before in my life. Weird how trends seem to ripple through the aether at certain times!

Anyway, thanks again. I'm looking forward to interacting with folks here and getting on with my guitar. Happy to be here. :classic_smile:

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