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55 year old Newb


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Hi Everyone!

Tim here. I have owned a guitar for 15 years but it turned into a dust collector.  I started playing around with it again and hopefully this time it will stick.  I am looking forward to learning from everyone!

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I would say go all in! If you hit a little wall or feel a little boost would be welcome let us know in the forum and I am sure you will get what you need from one of the member! We all love guitar playing and want all those who share this passion to enjoy it as much as we do, no matter the level we are at!

Enjoy and have fun!


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I for one am looking forward to hearing about your successes and breakthroughs as you learn how to play and make music as you learn from the courses. We do learn a lot from each other, but we learn from the courses the most. At least I do, I get a lot from the other members as well. I have been playing since the 70's and I have never seen anything like BTG. Remember have fun and you won't be so quick to put down your guitar again.

Fred 🎸

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