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Old Bluesman here…

Gilles Caron

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Hi guys,

i’ve been playing since the end of the 60s, played Beatles songs by myself, started a band with friends and stopped to go to College. A few years later I bought a new guitar to start practicing all over again and ended up playing with some new friends again. Went from Rock to Rock Blues to Blues… and switched to slide guitar in open E to play in Blues Jams

I stopped playing when I retired at 60 and here I am at 72 trying to go back to playing guitar in normal tuning and being able to do solos again… just for myself… unless I can get good enough to go back to Blues Jams.

And finding this breakthrough guitar method seems to be what I have been looking for all my life.

i just started using it last week and it absolutely opened my mind and my ears. I was missing the big picture all the years I’ve been playing guitar.

But it’s never too late to learn something new…

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20 hours ago, Fred Soukup said:

@Gilles CaronI have just recently rediscovered the blues and am really going for that genre as well as others. I think Classic Rock will always be my favorite but it had its origins in the blues. So I guess that is just natural for me to go towards it a bit.

Fred 🎸

You are right, Rock has its origin in the Blues… I discovered that when I looked for the original version of many Rock songs and realized it was Blues I was listening to. The Stones, Fleetwood Mac, etc… some of the songs were rearranged a bit, some not, some a lot  :-)

i always like to go back to the sources (like Music, Woodcarving and more…) and go from there.

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