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Looks like a great place to learn to play better.


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Hi Folks,

I've been playing chord guitar since 1971. I've always enjoyed playing rhythm but I've just never been able to break out of the box of memorizing song by  song. That really limited my ability to express myself, or jam with others, unless I could follow along from a printed score. I knew I was just parroting on the guitar but didn't know how to advance.

I just retired at 69 yrs. old and decided to give my full attention to breaking out of my guitar purgatory. About two months ago I (skeptically) tried Jonathan's $39.00 offer for the "Ultimate Guitar Grid Mastery" course. My "aha" moment came when I discovered how the notes of the easy pentatonic scale fit into almost any minor key YouTube backing track. Wow! Now I see how improvisation works and how it will allow me to break out of that old lockbox. The key for me will be learning to cleanly move from chords to notes and back, at will. I've got a lot to learn and practice with the Break Through Guitar (BTG) "Lead" track, but now I'm starting to see how it all works together.

I happily subscribed as a lifetime member last week and got access to all of the BTG courses. My biggest surprise from that was finding so much additional value in the "Rhythm" track of these courses. As I mentioned, I thought of myself as an intermediate rhythm guitar player, but I'm now realizing how much more I have to learn there too. One thing I've always struggled with was transposing chords from one key to another. But thanks to the "Instantly Know the Right Chord" course which so clearly explains the "MmD" formula, I've already been able to successfully transpose a couple of my favorite songs down into easier singing keys for me. I'm also getting a lot of help with the "Effortless Bar Chords" course. Jonathan's hand strengthening exercises are just what I need to help me play better bar chords on my 12-string.

I'm anxious to try out all the other courses and am planning to fully complete both the "Lead" and Rhythm" tracks of the BTG program. My goal with these courses and resources is to learn how to blend lead and rhythm techniques together to allow me to just pickup a guitar and play like the wind. It will be nice to have so many other like-minded players to share this with. Thank you, Jonathan and the BTG team for producing this material in a way that I can understand.


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I love my D'Angelico Premier. I compared it to Taylor and Martin 12 strings at Guitar Center a few years ago. And for me the tone sounded best. The price was also more in my range than the other two. I think D'Angelico should be on your "try" list. I'd like to hear your impressions.

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