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Robert B. in WASHINGTON State

Robert Buck

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Hi everyone,  I just joined last Thursday! In high school in the early 60's, with no experience, I went into a pawn shop and came out with a  cheap acoustic guitar. The set up was so poor, it's a wonder I stuck with it! Fortunately I was able to transition to more playable instruments, and that was a new world. I learned by three ways. First I got a book of chords and learned to recognize the sounds of them. The second way was listening to LP vinyl over and over. Thirdly, I discovered tablature notation ( which I still love). This was all in the safety of my bedroom, but it's a slow road. The lesson here is the value of community in learning. I did eventually play with other musicians for a number of years, even in front of a sizable audience a few times! In 1979 I built the acoustic I currently play. About 10 years later I stopped playing, and the guitar languished in it's case for about 33 years. My first breakthrough was taking the guitar out of the case in February when I started to see the ad for BG everywhere. I hope to be able to more easily construct chord progressions and melodies that are pleasing. It'll give this old brain something new to think about. I've never played electric, but maybe I'll have a chance to try. Perhaps I will be able to contribute something from my 20 years or so experience. Thanks. 



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