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Can't Improvise


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Hi -- I've been playing most of my life, but can't get beyond playing rhythm.  I'd love to be able to play along with Joe Walsh on Funk 49.  For the time being, I'm practicing scales and trying to apply that to back tracks, but without much luck.  I don't know how to improvise using pentatonic and major scales.  I don't know if it's a lack of imagination or just missing something.  Any ideas? 

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@Willcan, did you took the phrasing course ? with all these technics (bending, tremolo, sliding, etc..) you can apply them to your scales, so instead of boring scales they become licks, melodies, same notes, just with your touch in it. Once you can use those technics, and know your scales (and theories), you will have so much fun. I played guitar in my teenage years and stopped for 40 years. I have started learning it all last April, I have lots or progress to do, but I think I will end better now then I was younger. Have a great day.

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