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Hi everyone, Daisy here! Breakthrough Guitar Admin.


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Good day everybody! 

Some of you might recognize my name if you have ever emailed our support team, or needed help on Facebook. 👋

I am Breakthrough Guitar's Student Experience Manager, I will be here in the Forum with all of you on a daily basis, and occasionally on the weekends. I am very, very excited to see everyone engaging and being so helpful to each other. 🤘

If you ever need help, you are more than welcome to tag my name in your comments, post, or message me. 😄

A little background to who I am -> I am a veteran, an active person, always hiking or traveling. I am someone who enjoys all music types, specially rock, classical music, and jazz. 🎶

I love running, exercising, and helping those around me by fundraising for programs like Wounded Warrior Project and Relay for Life. I am a college student, and I am heavily involved with social media as a content creator. 🇺🇸  🎸 🏃‍♂️

If you're not on our instagram yet, you should check it out sometime. @breakthroughguitar 

I love seeing your guitar, pets, and families so feel free to share! Have a great day, and have fun with your courses! 🤘  🎸

Also don't forget, you are more then welcome to tag me in your questions, comments, or any awesome photos you share! 📸


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Hey Daisy,

thanks for your comments about our old band room.  Sadly it is in the hands of new owners, but I retained everything and all the memorabilia from inside.  We are in the progress of building a new music/jam building at our new house so eventually everything will be re installed. Time to make new memories.

I have got to the end of ultimate guitar grid mastery, and its all falling into place.  I am a bit apprehensive about now having to rely on being able to identify the 7 notes by sound in order to apply the patterns, this is something I have never been able to do, but I didnt think I could do what has been accomplished so far either! I will remain faithfull to the courses and trust in Jonathan (so far he has been right) and with lots of practise I hope to gain the musical freedom on the guitar I am looking for.

Take care

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