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PDF of Pattern 1-7


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The diagrams for patterns 1 -7 are all listed for you in modules 2 through 8 in the UGGM course. I copied them and put them on pdf files on my computer. I found though that as I continue going through the courses and go back to UGGM I pretty much have them memorized.

Fred  🎸

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Hi All, my guess is alot of us have these patterns framed on the wall or something similar. Anyway here is my copy as a jpg.

The other things i refer to on a regular basis is the notes layout on the fret bd, 1 glance lers me know all the octave positions.

Then of course i keep handy, the sheets that have 3 notes that make up major & minor chords, then u can play triads at any suitable pitch that suits your song.

So for all who dont have the 7 patterns yet, see attached. There's so  many different scales song sheets & theory in the pinterest site if anyones interested but their posts seem daily and can get overwhelming, so before you use them be warned.


Mjr Scale Patterns 1 thro 7.jpg

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On 4/19/2022 at 2:30 PM, Gordon.H said:


As I was going through all the patterns I took a screen shot of each one. Then you can combine them into one. Just another way to do it. It's amazing the things you can do today that weren't available 20 years ago. 




Screenshot_20200830-160613_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20200830-160744_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20200831-173629_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20200831-173639_Samsung Internet.jpg

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Hi folks, yes learning scale patterns in our course is OK but not often that you'll be playing something that mixes them. Particularly diminished one 7. So myself i just keep the single sht handy. Better note the repeating pattern Johnathan highlights. There are so many other patterns used by others and elsewhere. Melodic, Blues etc. So i would say just know these 7 & use when you need. Having said this Ive just been watching & saved a clip of Santana playing black magic woman, that does mix a whole load of scales from pentatonic, dorian & mixolynian, breaking song into different chunks, let me know if anyone would like. 

Cheers f now

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