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Hi Everyone @Brock @Jonathan @Austin

I wanted to create a deeper sound on my JEM 7VWH and wanted less sharpness on the high E strings and a deeper more sustaining sound on the low 3 strings 4/5/6. John Petrucci uses 010-.012-.016-.024-.036-.046. I was recommended Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky Paradigm 9-46. I'm just curious to know what people here think would be a good guage for me and my style. My style is very melodic. I like to hang on the notes and hate the sharpness of Slash's tone. His High 3 strings are very sharp to my ears. I like a lower pitch that is more neo-classical in nature and suits my style of delving into Indian music having that deepness and richness to the tones. Any thoughts greatly appreciated:)


Thank you so much


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