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Hey everyone


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Hello fellow guitarists my name is Billy Griffin. I'm 35 I'm from grand falls windsor Newfoundland Canada. 

I've been playing guitar for over 12 years I'm also a songwriter as well. I've had a lot of ups and downs when I first started learning how to play guitar but as time went on and I learned more and more about every aspect of guitar playing and song writing and it became a lot easier to teach myself everything about guitar. Now after learning and knowing so much about guitar I found myself in a rut unable to move forward and continue to make progress and hit with writers block so I think I'm in the right place with the right people to move past this rut. I hope and goal is to be able to play guitar to my full potential and find my creative spark again.

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Hey Fred. Thanks for the words of encouragement. How have you found this program so far? I'm having trouble accessing the green room. If you know how could you let me know please? Thanks

My name is Billy by the way I had to use my girlfriend's email address for payment purposes. 

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Melissa here! I started singing for a few bands about 3 years ago! Made money for a guitar and was teaching myself when Covid came along! I locked myself away with Breakthrough Guitar and had a grand time! I took a couple lessons from a friend in the Supersuckers and well here I am…hooked! I still play in a couple bands around Idaho and travel to any live music venue I can. 


Melissa G

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