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Chord shapes

Curt N

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can't bend wrist or spread fingers wide enough for simple 3 finger over 4 frets, chord listed in part 1 of "play any chord, anywhere on neck.

Arthritic hands, fingers,wrist due to age  and injuries years ago. Age 76. Have completed Freedom & Mastery and some exercises in Flexibility course.  Really wanted to learn to chord & rhythm, but ran into this obstacle.

Suggestions, if any, WOULD BE APPRECIATED.

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@Curt N I have found that using drunk raisins helps a lot with joint pain from arthritis. Also do not try to do too much at once work on the stretches slowly do not hurt yourself.

Drunk raisins are white raisins soaked in rum overnight. Eat 6 in the morning every day. You should start noticing relief within a few days.

Fred 🎸

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I doubt there's an alternate means of making the 3 string chord shape I mentioned.  I've tried various contortions to make my fingers key the right fret/string, with little success.  But the only way I see is just as you've suggested: Flexibility/stretch exercises.

I will keep at it because I really want to learn and understand chords & rhythm. Jonathan's lead guitar courses and Pentatonic program went very well, but they aren't where my main interest lies.

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