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Introduction and “Take it”

Peggy Mann

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Good morning everyone!
I am so excited to be joining this group of guitar players! I’ve been playing guitar for over 45 years as a rhythm guitar player. I am a professional working musician and play up in the mountains of Colorado.  I am also a vocalist, songwriter and play piano…  Through all of my years of playing guitar, I’ve always played rhythm and when it was time for a break I would tell my lead guitar player to”take it” !I got to the point in my career where I wanted to play lead, but didn’t really know how, so in 2019 I decided to start learning the guitar and I bought myself a real nice American Strat. I did the usual thing that everybody does which is go on the Internet and play along with different teachers and learn a lot of different techniques, but really didn’t know how to bring it all together. It was at that point that I was lucky enough to run into a Facebook post by Jonathan Boyd and Breakthrough Guitar. After an introductory lesson I decided to become a lifetime member, because I learned more in that first lesson then I had learned the entire year of 2019 surfing through different teachers and lessons. Before I had joined a breakthrough Guitar, I learned all the pentatonic scales and all the major scales and did a pretty good stab at learning all the notes on the fretboard, but I was having a hard time bringing it all together. Breakthrough Guitar helped me do that in such a great way! I can now play lead in any genre, key or mode that is presented! This was totally the ”Break through“ I had been looking for!  I have a full schedule of music gigs planned this summer and I’m looking forward to breaking out my guitar and playing some leads. For the first time in my life, I can”take it”!   Thank you Breakthrough Guitar !


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