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I'm 45, have owned a guitar for some years and messed about on and off, never really learning enough to know what's going on, even with trying to follow several paid courses. Work always getting in the way too. 

I paid for the fretboard mastery here and a few other taster courses and haven't been able to put it down, it all suddenly made some kind of sense. 

I've said too many times now 'why has no one shown me this before!!' I'm now able to sound semi musical with a backing track, something that's so far totally eluded me. 

So I've gone all in and bought the full course. I do hope the light bulb moments keep coming throughout the coming months and years. 



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Rick, 62.  I am self taught.  The rest I learned from real musicians who let me make noise with them

Began my short rock n roll career by playing open mics for a few months.  I tried to start my own all original band, bumping into cool kats with chops beyond me.  Yet I kept on going and created a band.  We played at ArtScape 2001 on a full stage.  A thrill for me. 

Later on, I began to work with others in creating cover bands with a twist to all the songs we played.  Then I joined co-workers and performed covers for private parties, approx. 10 yr duration.  

Now I just jam and mess around.  Not playing much other than inprov with guitar effects.  Thought that I better try to learn a few things before I am too old to apply the knowledge in, maybe, one more to be seen band.  So here I go.



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