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Compleated the ultimate guitar grid

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You got through the 7 patterns of the major scales and that's what I did first last year. Fretboard is finally debugged! You can play over any backing track in any key/mode.

The course that helped me the most and made me having more fun improvising after this one was the Pentatonic Fluency course with the five patterns (one for each note of the scale) and the two additional diagonal patterns. If you buy the courses one at a time that's the one I would go for, personally.

If you become a member and have access to all the courses I would suggest you concurrently follow the Pentatonic course, the Phrasing course and the Greatest ideas of all time course.....slowly, but concurrently!

It is just my suggestion...get opinions from others and make your own choice then

Have fun, enjoy the journey, enjoy playing!


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After grid 101 the ultimate mastery unit is great, so much learning in those two. As Fred says i like the pentatonic unit next, that's what i did. Remember you need do the daily dexterity too.  Ive just posted pentatonic pat's 1 thro 4 again its usefull to have them on 1 sht. Mix it up and enjoy suggest look at house of blues clip on google, utube. 

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