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John K from Sarasota Florida - Hello BG friends!

John K.

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Hello everyone, I started BG course almost a year ago now, November 2020. I've always loved music all my life but never even gave a thought to picking up a guitar, never thought I was "musically inclined" ? Well after a year of playing and going through some of the courses I've made a lot of progress. I went through about 4 or 5 of the courses and have really enjoyed them all. In the beginning I could barely play a note and had no idea what scales even were. After going through Guitar Grid Mastery (a couple times) and learning to play scales by number and by ear, something recently happened where I can just play the scales without having to hardly think about the patterns anymore, and that's amazing to me. I'm no wiz kid at them yet but its like my fingers and the sounds and the numbers just fall into place now, it just kind of happened, (with a lot of practice of course). I've hit some rough patches with rhythm and chords but if I just keep trying and don't give up I know that will improve over time. Enjoy the journey friends - Rock On!!🎸

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