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Just a thought

David Havens

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It doesn’t appear the forum generates a lot of activity, I know I had to go thru the join up process twice to actually get logged in.
Even with the limited posting I have found interesting info, and topics to get involved in to learn and share. That said a suggestion (for example) maybe have a link to a 5 minute exercise of improvising on Patter 1 with bends, slides etc.. Post a notice on Facebook that there is a link in the forum for the video and hopefully encourage more ( at least the more serious people) to get on the forum and expand the sharing etc.

the BG forum is certainly better way to share info on subjects or matters than on Facebook with all the negativity that comes with Facebook post. 
Anyway just a thought !!



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Hi David


I may be speaking out of turn, so perhaps Daisy can jump in and correct me if I'm wrong but I think the forum is actually fairly new (even though Breakthrough guitar has been going for a number of years). I try to post as often as anything interesting to say occurs to me (so not that often 😁) just to generate activity but I'll admit it's slow going at the moment. I'm sure as more people get to know about it, it will build momentum. Nice suggestion on about the link to exercises though.

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On the topic of the order of the available  courses  for the objective determined by a student.Maybe groupings of courses within the system for lead,rhythm  etc.

Understanding not everyone is a lifetime member,Starting and finishing a course , time and money would  be  a concern .



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Hey Joel

If you have access to it take a look at the Guitar Freedom Formula. it gives some guidance on the order in which to take courses. It explains the colour code system for the courses but also paths to take for different goals. 

For example:

Lead Guitar Track: Ultimate Guitar Grid Mastery, Irresistible Phrasing 101, Pentatonic Fluency, How To Play Anything By Ear, The Greatest Musical Ideas, Bulletproof Rhythm 101, Total Modal Mastery… and mix in the Harmony courses as interest takes you.

Rhythm Guitar Track: Ultimate Guitar Grid Mastery, Instantly Know The Right Chords, Bulletproof Rhythm 101, Effortless Bar Chords, How To Play Anything By Ear, Irresistible Phrasing 101… and mix in the Framework and Phrasing courses as interest takes you.

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Hey @David Havens Thanks for the idea! And I'm glad to hear you've found value out of the forum already!

Chris is right that the forum is very new. We've planned a slower roll out, so we can find and patch any bugs that come with launching a forum for a large student base. As such, it's been a slow process of adding members. There are a few more stages to our roll out that will see the forum be utilized more for what it will become, our hub of non-course activity, and as that happens we expect that more and more people will get engaged with it. As is the case on guitar, there's always growing pains when just starting out.

Thankfully, we're not going anywhere, and it'll only get bigger and better from here. We certainly appreciate those of you who are active and engaged from the start. You all are building the foundation of the forum community and it hasn't gone unnoticed. So thank you!

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