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""""Please alow me to introduce myself....I'm a man of wealth and taste...""""""""     I took the dive and am looking forward to learning and getting to the next level.  After having many "Friend" lessons who didn't have much patience, I figured I wold give this a try.  If it actually works, I'll definiely get my money's worth.  Wish me luck! 

I have a couple guitars: ES335/SG/LesPaul/PRS HBII Piezo/'84 Strat/Brent mason B-Bender Tele/Taylor Acoustic/and a couple more.  I have some Line 6 Modeler amps/Bose L1-1S and L18Pro Array PA's and finally a reissue 57 Custom Deluxe 5E3 Ckt Tweed with a decent pedal board with the usual suspects to play them all thru.  Now that I have all the toys, I am looking to learn how to use them all to thier fullest.  I am a novice and looking to go to semi pro level eventually playing in coffee houses, micro-breweries and small festivals.  I'm looking forward to this experience and hoping it is helpful.  



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Hello all I Jeremy Holt, I am a Navy Veteran and have been out of about 25 years now. I love the guitar and started learning to play the base when I was in my 20s. I have always wanted to learn the acustic and today I saw the add online for the course and took action to start learning the acustic for real. I am now 44 and single and learning to live life in Love in my now. This means learning to play music on my guitar with feeling and emotion not letters and numbers and grphs. I fell in love with the approch from the first video and thats why I am here. I look forward to sharing my music and thought with you all in the near future. Also looking forward to getting to know the rest of you here from your facebook page and this forum. 

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